23 Oct 2014 
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 How do I use FLV Producer in a WordPress blog?
Solution When we released the version that has the advanced options in Step #3 it made it pretty simple. All you need to do is type in the path of where you are going to upload your video to. Let's say for example I was going to upload it to my personal site at:


Then I wanted to post it on a blog. I would type that path in the first two fields in the advanced options on Step #3. Then upload the video and player to that location. Then I would use the button on step #3 that says "Get Code" and copy the code and then paste it into my word press blog. The key is that you need to enter into the section that allows you to paste html and not the section that has the WYSIWYG editor.

We also have a WordPress plugin that makes the entire process extremely simple now. It can be found at:


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